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Wisconsin Wind Project Information

Map of Commercial Wind Energy Installations in Wisconsin 1998-2013

The map below is available for download in three sizes:


Map of Fond du Lac County Wind Turbines

Fond du Lac County has more wind turbines than any other county in Wisconsin. The map below depicts the large number of turbines spread throughout the county, including the Blue Sky Green Field, Cedar Ridge and Forward Energy wind farms:


Fond du Lac County Turbines

Commercial Wind Projects in Wisconsin, 1999-2013

 # County Owner Project Name Utility Purchaser Start Date No. of Turbines MW
1 Dane Epic Systems Galactic Wind Farm N/A 9/2013 6 10
2 Racine SC Johnson Waxdale Wind N/A 12/2012 2 3
3 Monroe Organic Valley Cooperative/Gundersen Health Cashton Greens Upper Midwest Public Power Agency (UMPPA) 5/2012 2 5
4 Columbia WE Energies Glacier Hills WE Energies 12/2011 90 162
5 Brown DEGS Wind I, LLC, a subsidiary of Duke  Energy Corporation Shirley Wind WPS 2/2011 8 20
6 Dodge NextEra Energy Butler Ridge WPPI 3/2009 36 54
7 Fond du Lac WI Power & Light Cedar Ridge WP&L 12/2008 41


8 Fond du Lac We Energies Blue Sky Green Field WE Energies 5/2008 88 145
9 Dodge/Fond du Lac Invenergy Forward Energy MGE, WPS, WPL, WPPI 5/2008 86 129
10 Iowa Next Era Resources* Montfort WE, WPL 2001 20 30
11 Kewaunee Madison Gas & Electric  Rosiere MGE 1999 17 11.2
12 Kewaunee WI Public Service Lincoln WPS 1999 14 9.2
13 Fond du Lac We Energies Byron WE Energies 1999 2 1.3

Wisconsin Public Service resells the renewable energy credits associated with the project’s output to the State of Wisconsin

*We Energies purchased Montfort from NextEra Energy in 2012

2015 Production Wind Generation Installations Owned by Wisconsin Utilities

All of the wind projects listed below contribute to the utilities’ required supply of renewable energy as specified under 2005 Act 141.

Utility Wind Project State Capacity Output(MWH) Capacity factor
Madison Gas & Electric Top of Iowa 3 IA   29.7 81,481 0.336
WI Electric Power Co. Blue Sky Green Field WI 145.2 364,816 0.289
WI Electric Power Co. Glacier Hills WI 162 407,008 0.286
WI Electric Power Co Montfort WI 30 53,302 0.202
WI Power & Light Bent Tree MN 201.3 594,756 0.337
WI Power & Light Cedar Ridge WI   67.65 193,496 0.326
WI Public Service Corp. Crane Creek IA   99 287,170 0.331


For a complete set of tables from 2010 through 2013, download this PDF

Suppliers & Contractors

Wisconsin Wind Works is a consortium of nearly 300 suppliers and manufacturers representing the wind manufacturing supply chain within Wisconsin and in the surrounding region. It serves as a collaborative target growth market of the New North, Inc., a regional non-profit economic development organization, connecting wind power suppliers and vendors within Wisconsin and beyond.

See Wisconsin Wind Works directory of supply chain manufacturers.